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Thursday Youth Cooking Class Cilantro-Lime Mexican Chicken Soup with "Corny" Rice

Not a siesta, but a fiesta- of flavor! This soup is sure to please your taste buds. We'll make it from scratch and build flavors from veggies and spices. Corn is in season- why not add it to rice for a yummy addition?

Is there an age limit?

The lower age limit for our cooking class is seven years old. However, you know your kid better than we do! We will be handling knives, kitchen equipment like food processors, and using the oven and stove. Please judge for yourself whether your child is ready for these skills. Some seven-year-olds are ready. Some nine-year-olds are not.

Can I attend with my child?

Parents are welcome to tag along but space in the kitchen is limited so parents won't be in the room with the kids. There will be at least three adults supervising and assisting the kids if they need help.

Where can I contact the organizer with any questions?

Feel free to contact the Rockmart Farmers Market with any questions. Email: | Phone: (404) 436-1818

Due to limited space, class size is limited to 8 people.