Please read and understand the following before applying at the bottom of this page.   


Holiday Market Application

Application Fee: $5

Vendor Fee: $10/wk

Rockmart Farmers Market, P.O. Box 554 Rockmart, GA 30153


The following contains a checklist of all items needed to process your application.

❏ Signed Holiday Market Entrance Guidelines

❏ Completed Application Form

❏ $5 non refundable Application fee check

***Please mail above to Rockmart Farmers Market, P.O. Box 554 Rockmart, GA 30153

❏ An Email to with at least 4 images of your creations, and at least 2 images of your booth, and your logo

Holiday Market Entrance Guidelines

The following conditions represent a non-exhaustive list of the guidelines to participate as a vendor during the Rockmart Farmers Market Holiday Market Series.

1.  No vendor shall be allowed to sell or distribute food or food items unless they are a regular farmer vendor of the Rockmart Farmers Market and have completed and been accepted via the food producer application process.

2.  All artists/vendors must be based in our local market area, which the Rockmart Farmers Market defines as being located in any county in which any part of that county is located within 60 miles of Polk County, GA.

3.  All pieces displayed or offered for sale must be handmade/crafted by the vendor themselves or their team. NO RESELLING WILL BE ALLOWED. Any vendor found re-selling any products will be asked to leave immediately and will forfeit the fee paid for any remaining markets. NO EXCEPTIONS NO WARNINGS.

4.  Handmade/crafted is defined for this event as at the minimum 51% of each piece’s value coming directly from the actions of the artist.

5.  Vendors may not set up prior to 11am without prior permission. Vendors may not smoke on the market premises at any time. Vendors may only park or set-up in the spaces designated by the market manager. Vendors must leave their space as they found it with no trash or other debris.

                                                                                                          Included in your rental fee is an approximate outdoor ground space of 12’x12’. Vendors are responsible for providing their own tents, tables, cords, etc. All tents must be securely staked or weighted with a minimum of 50lbs per leg. Electricity will be provided if requested. The Rockmart Farmers Market Board of Directors shall have sole discretion as to content, subject matter, vendors and media approved for the Holiday Market staying in accordance with the goals and mission of the Rockmart Farmers Market. You will be notified via email of your acceptance into the Holiday Market.


All authorized vendors participating in Rockmart Farmers Market are independent operators and are not partners or joint ventures with the Rockmart Farmers Market. The vendors shall be individually and severally liable for any loss, personal injury, deaths, and/or any other damages that may occur as a result of the vendor’s acts or negligence or that of its employees, agents and associates. All vendors agree to indemnify and save Rockmart Farmer’s Market harmless for any loss, costs, damages and other expenses including attorney’s fees, suffered or incurred by reason of vendor’s acts, negligence or intentional misconduct or that of its employees, agents and associates. Because no insurance is provided at Rockmart Farmer’s Market concerning vendors, each vendor must carry his or her own personal and product liability insurance. Furthermore, vehicle liability insurance is required to cover any damage caused to persons or property by a vendor’s vehicle.



I have read all of the above and am ready to proceed!