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2018 Market Guidelines and Application


It is the mission of the Rockmart Farmers Market to improve the health of our community by increasing access to locally grown and produced foods, to increase knowledge of fresh food preparation and preservation, to increase the capacity of our local food system by providing support to local food producers, and to preserve and promote the food and farming heritage of the Rockmart area.

Market Board

A board of directors manages the Rockmart Farmers Market.  All decisions regarding vendor involvement in the market, changes to the rules, and any complaints related to the market, including vendor disputes, are handled through the board.

Vendor Selection

Vendors for the Rockmart Farmers Market will be selected by the market board. Admission to sell at the market will be based on: product quality, market mix, and prior market vendor history.

The number of vendors will be limited whose primary products are in the following categories: meats, breads, sweet breads, jams & jellies, soaps & lotions, and any other specialty food categories. Those vendors who have duplicate products may be put on a waiting list. The market reserves the right to replace any vendor with products in the aforementioned categories who does not attend the market for two consecutive weeks with no notice or four total weeks even with notice. A vendor removed as a result of lack of attendance may be placed on the waiting list if they wish to return.

Arts & Crafts are only permitted as secondary products for food vendors and only on a case-by-case basis. Exceptions are made for special “holiday” markets as scheduled by the board of directors. Vendors must include pictures and descriptions of their craft products with their application.

The Rockmart Farmers Market reserves the right to refuse any applicant or ask any vendor to leave the market at any time.

While attempts will be made to ensure vendors are in specific spaces consistently, no vendor is ever guaranteed a particular space at the market. Spaces are assigned based on availability. Any vendor missing two consecutive markets without notice can expect to be assigned a different space on their return.

Vendor Qualifications

Selling space is limited to producers whose primary place of business is located within a county which is located within a 60-mile radius of the boundaries of Polk County, GA. Those included counties are: The Georgia Counties of; Bartow, Carrolton Catoosa, Chattooga, Cherokee, Clayton, Cobb, Coweta, Dade, Dawson, DeKalb, Douglas, Fayette, Floyd, Forsyth, Fulton, Gilmer, Gordon, Gwinnett, Hall, Haralson, Heard, Henry, Lumpkin, Meriwether, Murray, Paulding, Pickens, Pike, Polk, Rockdale, Spaulding, Troup, Union, Walker, Walton and Whitfield. The Alabama Counties of; Blount, Calhoun, Chambers, Cherokee, Cleburne, Clay, DeKalb, Etowah, Jackson, Marshall, Saint Clair, Talladega, Tallapoosa and Randolph.

Vendors are responsible for meeting the local, state and federal requirements to sell their products. Examples include food safety requirements and licensing. For more information, vendors may contact the Georgia Dept. of Agriculture’s Consumer Protection Division at 404-656-3627.

The approval process, including Farm Visit and Board vote can take three to four weeks to complete, please allow ample time for processing.  

Vendor Responsibilities

The Rockmart Farmers Market is a Producer-Only market. No reselling of any product shall be permitted at any time. Intentional deception of a product’s origin is cause for immediate expulsion from the market. The following rules provide guidance for vendor interactions with our market. However, the Board of Directors for the Rockmart Farmers Market reserves the right to expel or suspend any vendor for any reason at any time if they feel it is in the best interest of the market to do so.

Vendors must agree to farm visits by a minimum of two board members and the market manager. Visits may be conducted at any time during the year and may occur on multiple occasions if necessary to verify that the vendor is producing the products sold or intending to be sold at the Rockmart Farmers Market. Refusing a farm visit within a reasonable time period (a maximum of five days) can be grounds for immediate and permanent expulsion from the market.

Vendors are only allowed to sell items listed on their original application. Vendors wishing to add new items must submit a request in writing to the market manager for approval before selling new items.

Vendors are required to secure tents with weights and/or stakes as well as tethering tents to your vehicle where applicable.

All vendors must accept the food stamp tokens for approved food items at the Farmers market. Vendors will return all tokens at the end of each market to the market manager and tally the total amount. Vendors will then be reimbursed for the amount by check via mail. There are no exceptions.

Vendors must notify the market manager two days prior if unable to attend a market.

The Rockmart Farmers Market regularly gathers data from its vendors regarding products offered and total sales. This data is used to help demonstrate the impact of the market on our community and may be used to help acquire funding from grants, foundations, corporations or private donors. We make every effort to anonymize the data and no vendor’s personal information is disclosed with the data. The data is only presented in aggregate and does not contain any personally identifiable information about any vendor or farm.

Please provide detailed product information (including pictures) on the Monday before market via email or by calling (404) 436-1818 and leaving a message.  This information will be used to promote the market and our vendors on the website, Facebook, newspapers, and other promotional materials.  Communicating accurately to our customers’ increases sales for everyone. 

Vendors may not set up prior to 12:45pm without prior permission.

Vendors may not smoke on the market premises at any time.
Vendors must arrive no later than 15 minutes before the market begins.

Vendors may only park or set-up in the spaces designated by the market manager.

Vendor booth space priority will be assigned based on percentage of markets attended.

Vendors must leave their space as they found it with no trash or other debris.

Vendors may not park in the SouthCrest Bank parking lot.

Vendors may not leave the market early except by permission from the manager. 

No vendor shall communicate in a disparaging way about other vendors, other vendors’ products, any customers or about the market in general. Communication includes but is not limited to social media, public communications at the market or any other communication that may harm the reputation of the market or its vendors.

Major violations of market rules can lead to expulsion from the market. First violations can lead to temporary expulsion but second violations always result in permanent removal from the market. After a first violation vendors are considered on probation for a year and are subject to two random farm visits during the probationary period.

Online Market

The Rockmart Farmers Market maintains an online market to allow participation by customers who may not be able to attend regularly scheduled market days. Vendors are responsible for accurately communicating the products they will have available each week by 10:00AM two days prior market day (52 hours prior to the start of the regular market). If a vendor communicates there will be products available, they are expected to attend that week’s market. Orders from the online market will be assembled and paid for at the market.

Weather Policy

The market will open and stay open unless the weather is dangerous. Dangerous weather is defined as high winds, lightening, and snow or ice affecting driving safety. During winter markets the market may move inside the brick building behind the market location during rain or excessive cold. The decision to attend during inclement weather is solely the vendor’s responsibility.

2018 Market Dates

The 2018 Market Season will open every Thursday from 2-6pm beginning May 3rd and continue year-round with special Holiday Markets Thursdays in November and December, excluding Thanksgiving and the week after. Market is closed for 3 weeks at Christmas and re-opens for Winter Markets January 17, 2019. Vendors may also participate in two additional events Welshfest the 3rd Saturday in March and The Riverwalk Festival the 3rd Saturday of October.


Market Complaints

Any vendor or person who wishes to place a complaint concerning the market must submit their complaint to the Board in writing to:

The Rockmart Farmers Market

PO Box 554

Rockmart, GA 30153. 


Vendor Fees

A one-time, non-refundable fee of $25.00 is due with application. A weekly fee of $15.00 is due at the beginning of each market.  Checks can be made payable to the Rockmart Farmers Market.

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