Five Cedars Farm

Five Cedars Farm is a beautiful, well-organized vegetable and fruit farm owned and operated by Debbie Connelly. Including her hoop house and barn, she has 3 acres of property devoted to farming. What started as 4 rows to produce her own food has turned into an award -winning, full time job, that the Connelly’s take great pride in.

Hank and Debbie Connelly met in Washington DC, both working in the corporate world. After retiring, the couple decided to move to Cedartown, Debbie's hometown.  The Connelly’s purchased part of Debbie’s father’s property to build their home, and once the couple settled in, Debbie’s father plowed four rows to start their garden. As each year passed, their garden grew, as well as their interest in growing and preserving their harvest. The couple soon decided to create a roadside stand at the end of their driveway to sell their extra crops to the public, just as Debbie’s family had once done. Five Cedars Farm was such a hit that their stand caused a few traffic jams during the height of growing season.

As time passed and the farm grew, the Connelly’s built a barn, put in an irrigation system, and added a hoop house to their property. The barn serves as the base of their operation now, preventing traffic from backing up on the road while allowing their customers to see the farm. Five Cedars Farm does an excellent job ensuring a constant crop of tomatoes each year, planting well over 1,000 plants throughout the season. In addition to tomatoes you can find watermelons, cantaloupes, sweet potatoes, okra, cucumbers, green beans, eggplants, snap peas and a wide assortment of peppers. In addition to fresh vegetables, Five Cedars Farm prepares a range of delicious preserved foods using ingredients grown at their farm. You can visit Five Cedars Farm any day of the week and every Thursday at the Rockmart Farmers Market.