Young Road Tree Farm

Donald viewing his crops.jpg

Donald Cochran grew up in Taylorsville, where his father was a farmer.  Donald decided at an early age that farming would not be his chosen career. After retiring from Lockheed, Donald realized that he needed an exercise plan in order stay healthy and active. He chose farming, an exercise that had been engrained into him as a young man through working with his father.

Donald’s exercise plan has turned into a passion. Donald uses the techniques that he learned from years of farming with his family, as well as new methods that he has learned for himself. Donald uses mulch that is collected from his sons landscaping business to help grow all of his wonderful crops and irrigates some of them from a small pond located nearby. Donald has several fields planted throughout his property where the best soils are found. He has thornless blackberries growing on every fence that you can see on his property. 

When visiting Donald’s farm you can see the pride that he takes in his 60+ Acres. Now 75 years old, Donald says each year as the growing season closes he thinks to himself, “I am done with this,” but as February and March come back around he “gets a yearning to smell diesel fuel and see freshly turned soil.”