Fitzgerald Fruit Farm

Sean Lennon discovered his passion for farming, especially growing peaches, early on in his life and went to college with a focus on learning to grow peaches. Sean learned to grow in ways that managed the use of water, fertilizers, and pesticides to use only the amount needed.

As he was finishing his education he planted his first peach orchard in 2008 and Fitzgerald Fruit Farm began.  Sean named the farm for his mother's family farm in Ireland and set about growing peaches. As the peach trees grew they planted more trees and the farm began to expand. After a bumper crop a few years ago the farm put in a packing shed that allowed the hand picked peaches to get packed in the shade instead of out in the field.

It takes most fruit trees about 3 years to reach fruiting stage so new trees are continually being planted to ensure new fruit will be ready. The farm also grows apples, and strawberries. Even as the farm continues to expand they are dedicated to sustainability. Stay up to date on Fitzgerald Fruit Farm's harvest by liking them on Facebook or check out the website

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