Bella Vita Mushrooms

Rachel Braden is a Navy Veteran, military spouse, mom, and the creator, farmer, and driving force behind Bella Vita Mushrooms.

Bella Vita Mushrooms provides beautiful and delicious mushroom varieties such as chanterelles, lobster, bear's head, lion's mane, oyster, king trumpets, and more. All mushrooms sold by Bella Vita Mushrooms are sourced one of two ways: grown from scratch by Rachel or by foraging. Rachel is Wild Mushroom Food Safety Certified by the Georgia Department of Health after undergoing rigorous studying and testing.

Mushrooms grown and foraged by Rachel are used by respected chefs in Atlanta and nearby Barnsley Gardens Resorts and Restaurants. By visiting Bella Vita Mushrooms at the Rockmart Farmers Market you can support a veteran while taking home delicious mushrooms served at some of the finest restaurants in North Georgia.