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Partners: Helping grow our community one seed at a time.

It is the mission of The Rockmart Farmers Market to improve the health of our community by increasing access to locally grown and produced foods; to increase knowledge of fresh food preparation and preservation; to increase the capacity of our local food system by providing support to local food producers; to preserve and promote the food and farming heritage of the Rockmart area.

Over the past few years the Rockmart Farmers Market has grown to become known as a great local market with a variety of local farmers and producers.  What you may not know is that RFM is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization with a community centered mission.  The weekly market is part of this mission but we need your help to accomplish the deeper parts.  Check out this video about the different aspects of our mission


Partnerships are one way you can help Grow our Community One Seed at a Time and have your business or event seen by our unique and wide community following.   

RFM is expanding outreach this year to focus on the cooking and preservation educational program located in the community booth at the weekly market, as well as improving the capacity of our local food system by educating farmers about specific products that aren't available in Rockmart.  We also have an ongoing program that doubles SNAP dollars spent at the farmers market, ensuring everyone has access to healthy local food.  We are responsible for raising 40% of the amount doubled with the remainder coming from a grant from Wholesome Wave, Georgia

Local business and community partners are critical to our success and will be even more important as we expand our work for the 2016 season.  We are proud to present you with a taste of our partnership opportunities as well as a description of how we thank partners.  If you have additional requests or ideas, please let us know.  We hope you will join us for season 2016.  

Together, we can grow our community one seed at a time

New partnership levels are coming soon! Future partners should fill out the contact form below and we will be in touch with information on the different levels for you to partner with the Rockmart Farmers Market. 

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