Healthy Partnerships

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We are pleased to announce a partnership between the Rockmart Farmers Market and Polk Medical Center. These two cornerstones of community health have teamed up to not only continue to bring healthy, locally produced food to the Rockmart area but also to expand the cooking classes for both young people and adults along with expanding access to locally produced food for the entire area.


Both organization's missions have a focus on improving the health of the community especially through healthy food and healthy lifestyles. For Polk Medical Center this also includes  the healthcare needs of the residents of Polk County and other areas the hospital serve. For the Rockmart Farmer's Market this also includes the area's economic health along with the health of actual community itself.

Since healthy food is the first step to healthy lifestyles and a healthy local food system is one of the critical steps to improving the economic health of a community, a partnership between the farmers that grow your food and a hospital focused on healthcare is a perfect match. 

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This partnership has many plans to improve residents' access to locally produced healthy foods and pathways to healthy lifestyles. Some of the plans involve alternate delivery methods for locally produced foods as well as expanding to additional areas in order to reach everyone.

Current plans include free health screenings for residents through Polk Medical Center's monthly attendance at the local market along with a focus on expanding the popular cooking classes available through the Rockmart Farmers Market.

It is exciting for the Polk County area to have these two health focused organizations working in partnership to improve the health of our community.

Rockmart Farmers Market