Morning Glory Farms

Morning Glory Chickens in field.jpg

Since it's inception in June 2011, Morning Glory Farm has grown exponentially. What started out as a way to feed themselves and their four children (Thomas, Victoria, Rachel and Sarah) better food, has turned into a thriving business for Mark and Michelle Reid. Morning Glory Farm grows fruits and vegetables on their farm, uses their certified kitchen to make excellent preserves and other prepared foods, as well as produces eggs and fresh meat from humanely treated animals.
If you are looking to get your own chickens, Morning Glory Farm is a GREAT place to purchase your chicks. While visiting the farm you realize that it is a live chicken museum. There is an abundance of breeds to choose from. Each variety has it's name neatly displayed for your convenience. You will also notice that these birds are really being taken care of and are living happy lives. Morning Glory Farm's innovative spirit stands out while visiting.

The Reid's catch rain water into bladders able to hold up to 3,000 gal. of rainwater. The rain falls into the bladder, the water is pumped into hoses, and delivered to the crops. They have also converted school buses into a temperature controlled greenhouse and a chicken coop!

Morning Glory Farm can be found every Thursday at the Rockmart Farmers Market with farm fresh eggs, preserves, baked goods, fresh meat, and more. Come see what new treats they bring this week!

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