Sand Creek Farm

Sue Edwards has been canning since she was a girl helping her grandmother preserve. For many years Sue has supplied two farmers markets with a wide variety of canned goods on a part time
basis. Last year Sue completed work on a large kitchen space and began canning full time.

When you first open the door to Sue's kitchen the smell of fresh dill greets you along with the
sight of freshly canned jars of vegetable soup and pickled peppers. Sue also preserves many
unique and traditional items such as cowboy jelly and pear honey. Outside the kitchen on the farm grow a lot of the ingredients used in the canning. Tomatoes, several varieties of peppers, cucumbers, and plenty of herbs are grown to fill the mason jars with locally grown goodness. Chickens, quail,turkey, geese, and ducks roam the farm as well. The eggs from the birds are pickled by Sue and available at market.

Along with canning Sue's husband Bill grows fresh produce that comes to market each week. Look for kale, watermelons, field peas, and even wild lemons. Sand Creek Farm always has
something new to pick up and a great variety of canned goods for stocking your pantry.

Shonna Kirkpatrick