Market Preview June 28 - Every Thursday 2-6pm - Downtown Rockmart

Quiet Acres cherry tomatoes.jpg

The heat of summer has ripened the red tomatoes and it is time for everyone's favorite market harvest! Several varieties of tomatoes will be available from most of the farmers along with other summer favorites including cucumbers, squash, and zucchini. Spreading Oaks is expecting green beans along with blackberries and the last of the greens. Morning Glory's blueberries are in harvest along with rainbow chard and look for their baked goods, jams and jellies, and boiled peanuts. C&L Farms will be back with microgreens, blueberries, and squashes. Bella Vita Mushrooms has been foraging again and along with oyster mushrooms check out Rachel's foraged chanterelles. Ms. Sue said last week that the honey will be available this week but also check out her summer veggies, canned goods, and baked goods. Brandon with Quiet Acres will have his cherry tomatoes and summer veggies. Fitzgerald Fruit Farm will have peaches this week and Radicle Root Botanicals has Courtney's herbal teas, tinctures, and balms made with her foraged and grown botanicals.

That Foreign Chick's Bakery has baked up some lovely peach kolace along breads and other treats. Chef Suga's pimento cheese will be in attendance along with new products including black bean hummus. Robilland Farms has pet cow milk products and fresh ground whole wheat breads. Several farmers have eggs and stop by Morning Glory Farm for pork, chicken, and lamb. Ms. Adriana has grass-fed beef and Footehills Farmhouse has herbs, summer veggies, pet goat milk products, pizza crusts, and farm made bath products. Five Cedars Farm will be at market along with onions, tomatoes, and preserved vegetables. Dewey's fried pies will be at market along with his pickles and preserves and stop by Donald's booth for his red tomatoes and onions.

Stop by the green market booth to learn about upcoming events, double your SNAP, and check out the cooking demo!

Tomato harvest has arrived! See you at Market!