Market Preview August 9 - Every Thursday 2-6pm in Downtown Rockmart

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It is National Farmers Market Week and the tomatoes, corn, and okra are abundant at your local market in Downtown Rockmart. C&L Farms Grows will be back this week with salad mixes, micro greens, and fresh herbs. Spreading Oaks mountain fresh and heirloom tomatoes will be at market along with cucumbers, green beans, okra, field peas, watermelons, butternut squashes, and peppers. Stop by Morning Glory Farms for jams & jellies, syrups, baked treats, boiled p-nuts, along with tomatoes, field peas, eggs, pork, chicken, and lamb. Footehills Farmhouse will be at market with farm made soaps, fresh herbs, vegetables, baked goods,

Robilland Farm's pet cow milk products, eggs, and fresh ground wheat bread will be at market along with Chef Suga's pimento cheeses and black bean hummus. Donald will be at market as well with his okra, tomatoes, and corn. Fitzgerald Fruit Farm will be back with peaches and Ms. Sue's selection of jams & jellies, preserved veggies, soups, honey, eggs, and fresh veggies will be in attendance as well. Dewey's Fried Pies should be back at market. Five Cedars Farm needs to miss market this week but should be back next week. Brandon with Quiet Acres is in between harvests and will be gone for a few weeks. Jana with that Foreign Chick is moving this week and plans to be back at market next week and Ms. Adriana and her grass-fed beef is planning to return on the 23rd. Bella Vita Mushroom's harvest is also low at the moment and probably won't make it this week.


It is National Farmers Market Week. Help support the Rockmart Farmers Market by creating a Facebook Fundraiser. Any single fundraiser resulting in $300 or more will receive two free tickets to the Farm To Table on Marble scheduled for October 6. It's easy and a great way to celebrate your local farmers market! Use this link to set one up:

Finally, be sure to sign up for the Six Week Beginner Cooking Class beginning August 14. Learn more on our website

A lot of exciting things are happening, See you at Market!

Rockmart Farmers Market