Growing Our Community One Seed at a Time

April 28, 2014

In the winter of 2013, The Rockmart Farmers Market became a non-profit with the mission of improving the health of our community.  We are accomplishing our mission by increasing the community's access to local food, increasing knowledge about healthy living, food preparation, and preservation, and helping to increase the capacity of our local food system.  

Our farmers market is more than just fresh, local vegetables.  Our market plays a vital role in a sustainable local food system and also...


Keeps resources in the Rockmart community

Helps create a food oasis in our area - where everyone has access to affordable healthy food

Creates a unique and diverse source of community fellowship

Educates the community on food nutrition, preparation and preservation

Helps to increase the capacity of the local farming and food system

We are one part of the solution.  Our community partners and donors like you are the other part. To help be part of the solution, please consider making a donation to our Spring Fundraising campaign.  Or, community leaders and businesses can support us by becoming a partner.  Together, we can grow our community one seed at a time.

Shonna Kirkpatrick