Velmon Hayley


Velmon Hayley has grows beautiful flowers and wonderful produce. In the early spring he brings a variety of vegetable plants, as well as ornamental plants and flowers. As the summer goes on he will bring several varieties of corn, tomatoes, summer squash and peppers.

Shonna Kirkpatrick
Brooke Robilard

Brooke Robilard has a small family farm that raises a variety of animals including chickens and milk cows. Her and her family are dedicated to fresh and naturally grown. She brings several gallons of raw cows milk and yogurt to market each week. She also makes fresh ground wheat bread and butter.

Shonna Kirkpatrick
Five Cedars Farm

Hank and Debbie Connelly

Five Cedars Farm is situated just minutes from downtown Cedartown and located right off Hwy 27. Five Cedars Farm boasts most any vegetable you might desire: onions, cabbages, early tomatoes, squash, peppers, beans, muscadine bushes, blueberry bushes, potatoes, radishes, beets, and more! What is simply astonishing about Five Cedars is how well designed, organized, and utilized the small tract of only 3 acres is and the high yield it produces. Find them on Facebook

Shonna Kirkpatrick
Morning Glory Farms

Michelle Reid

In 2009 Mark and Michelle Reid of Rockmart, Georgia purchased a starter farm of 12 acres to fulfill their dream of creating a self-sustaining, all-natural farm.  Situated between Rockmart and Cedartown, Morning Glory Farm has been providing naturally-grown, hormone-free fruits, vegetables, meats, and other produce to the surrounding communities. Morning Glory Farm offers a wide range of locally-grown fruits and vegetables, USDA inspected free-range chicken, turkey, and pork, and baked goods. FInd them on Facebook or give them a call (678)901-0763.

Shonna Kirkpatrick
Timberland Farm Grass-Fed Beef

Adriana Fincher

Located in Rockmart, Timberland Farm was created by Randall and Adriana Fincher. A beautiful farm that raises high quality grass-fed beef. Raised without hormones, antibiotics, pesticides or any chemical. They grow their own hay to ensure the continued use of chemical free hay to supplement the grazing. Look for Adriana at market each week and the farm can be contacted by calling (770)823-8494.

Shonna Kirkpatrick
Spreading Oaks Farm

Patti, Ken, and Jason Cook

Spreading Oaks Farm is a small family-owned farm located 20 minutes west of Atlanta in Paulding County.  They have a small herd of Belted Galloway beef cattle and a variety of fresh vegetables and herbs available to CSA members and local farmers market. They are striving to produce healthy alternatives for their local community and grow everything Certified Naturally Grown. Learn more by clicking here or connect with them on Facebook

Shonna Kirkpatrick
Sand Creek Farm

Bill and Sue Edwards

Bill and Sue love growing vegetables and raising animals.  Bill enjoys taking care of the bees and Sue does the canning and baking.  They are both thrilled to have finished construction on a second kitchen for Sue to have all the canning space she needs.  Along with a variety of fruits and veggies, Sand Creek Farm carries a large selection of canned goods from jams and jellies, to pickles and soup.  You can find them at market every Thursday or give them a call at (706)235-6926.

Shonna Kirkpatrick
The Falls Farm

Rebecca and Bennett Jacobs

Rebecca and Bennett Jacobs own and operate The Falls Farm located in Rockmart. Named for the water fall located on the farm they currently raise pastured pork and beef and have plans to expand over the next 5 years. Every cut is available including smoked and fresh hams, steaks, butts, and ribs. Find them on Facebook.

Shonna Kirkpatrick
Young Road Tree Farm

Donald Cochran

When you visit the Rockmart Farmers Market you can’t miss Donald Cochran.  Donald usually wears a straw hat with bird feathers sticking out of it and always has something to say that will make you laugh. Donald brings a lot of variety to the market; he plants spring, summer and fall varieties of fruits and vegetables each year.  He also grows Christmas trees.  You can contact him via phone (770) 382-9780.

Roberts Sweets and Treats

Dewey and Lois Roberts

What would a farmers market be without fried pies?  Dewey grows some of the crops for his pie fillings and delectable assortment of jams and jellies that are offered alongside pickles and other canned favorites.  Don't miss the orange marmalade!

Shonna Kirkpatrick
Bentley Farms

Irvin and Diane Bentley

Irvin has been farming in Polk County his whole life and Diane has been gardening since she was 3. They have been evolving their farming methods to become more sustainable over the years and source seeds from organic and heirloom sources. Diane also bakes bread, other baked goods, and makes pasta. They will also bring homemade jams and jellies to market. Get in touch with the Bentley's (470)955-7668 or (404)884-1625. 

Shonna Kirkpatrick
Fitzgerald Fruit Farm

Sean Lennon

Fitzgerald Fruit Farm is a large farm about 65 miles from Rockmart. Started by Sean Lennon who had a passion for growing peaches, the farm has expanded from only peaches to include apples, blackberries, and strawberries. They use Integrated Pest Management to help lessen the environmental impacts of pest control and hand pick their fruit. Look for Alex at market each week and find Fitzgerald Fruit Farm on Facebook or their website 

Shonna Kirkpatrick
That Foreign Chick's Bakery

Jana Fitzgerald

Jana Fitzgerald hails from Czechoslovakia. She currently lives in Carterville, Georgia with her husband and children. She comes to market every week with a plethora of fresh made baked goods ranging from breads to brownies.  The most amazing aspect of Jana's booth is the variety she offers her customers. You can expect to see traditional czechoslovakian foods along side gluten free brownines. Jana has something for everyone! Find her on Facebook.

Shonna Kirkpatrick
Walker Farm

Tommy Walker

Tommy learned to garden and farm from his dad.  Growing up in a share cropper family he began working the fields by 10 years old.  These days he raises beef cattle and gardens in his spare time.  Walker Farm grows many types of tomatoes and squash as well as peppers and fruits.  You can reach Tommy via phone (678)684-9770 or (770)684-6150.

Shonna Kirkpatrick
Valley Flowers

Leonard and Kay Brogdon

Valley Flowers joins our market in the fall with some of the most beautiful mums and muscadines!  Located between Rockmart and Cedartown Leonard and Kay have a vineyard where they grow two fall favorites, mums and sweet muscadines and scuppernongs. You can contact Leonard at 770.748.6576 or via email at

Shonna Kirkpatrick
Winter's Produce

Jerry and Stella Winters

Jerry grows some great traditional crops, including corn, okra, and watermelon.  The Winter's start bringing their crops to market in July and stay until it's all gone.  You can reach them via phone (770)646-7438

Shonna Kirkpatrick