Market Preview May 3, 2018 - Every Thursday 2-6pm - Downtown Rockmart

Market Season 2018 has arrived at the Rockmart Farmers Market! Stop by the green market tent to pick up a free cucumber or squash plant to take home to grow and check out the seasonal cooking demo.

The Spring Greens are in full harvest with Footehills Farmhouse lettuces, Spreading Oaks dandelion greens, kale, and chard, along with Ms. Sue's turnips greens and collards. Bella Vita Mushrooms will make it to market with several varieties of fresh mushrooms. We've discussed strawberries with Alex and as long as it doesn't rain on Wednesday he says they will be there. Velmon Hayley will be at market with his spring plants. The broccolli has also arrived at market and look for beets as well.

Morning Glory Farms and Ms. Adrianna with Timberland Farms has the pork, chicken, beef, and lamb. All the farmer's hens are laying eggs and be sure to check out the goat and cow pet milk products from Ms. Sue, Robilland Farms, and Footehills Farmhouse.

Suga's pimento cheese varieties will be at market and Radical Root will be in attendance with her teas, balms and tinctures. Footehills Farmhouse will have all the soaps and bath products. The canners and bakers have been busy getting ready for market with That Foreign Chick's breads, cakes, and cookies, Robilland Farm fresh ground wheat bread, Dewey's fried pies and of course Ms. Sue's and Morning Glory's pickles, jams and jellies, syrups, and soups.

Polk Medical Center will join us at market this week as well. As partners they are excited to see the 2018 market season get off to a great start and will have give aways for everyone. See you at market!